Taxi driver and Uber driver in a brawl at Pattaya

Business conflict between legal taxi driver and Uber driver in Pattaya continues with a heated argument ending in fist fight.

The latest brawl happened at a car park area of a supermarket on North Pattaya road when a Uber driver drove his white Chevrolet car into the car park to pick up his passengers.

He was followed by a taxi driver into the car park.

The taxi driver then started to take video of the Uber driver with his mobile phone as he was talking to the passenger.

The taxi driver then started to chide the Uber driver angrily for illegally picking up passengers while also taking video of the Uber driver.

Fuelled by his scolds and video taking, the angry Uber driver then rammed his car into the taxi driver, sparking a heated quarrel and a fist fight.

Despite of effort by guards at the supermarket to stop them from the brawl, they fought each other for a while and split with injuries on both sides.

Both later left the place with nobody filing complaints to the police.

For Pattaya residents and businesses, brawl between taxi driver and Uber driver has become a normal incident as long as the problem is left unsolved by relevant government agencies.

Pattaya police superintendent Pol Col Apichai Krobpetch said both drivers have not yet filed complaint with the police.

However the police would try to locate and question them to find the real reason for the brawl.