Taxi driver detained for punching foreigner in the face 

A taxi driver in Pattaya was arrested by police after he was seen punching a foreigner in the face.

The 40-year-old foreigner whose identity remains unknown fell to the ground unconsciously after he was punched in the face by the taxi driver Anand Boontang.

The incident happened before midnight last night (Aug 10) in front of White Rose hotel on Pattaya 2 road in Pattaya.

He stayed at the scene until the police arrived and detained him for questioning.

The foreigner was helped by passers-by to rest on the sidewalk and later was rushed to nearby hospital by rescue workers as he was unconscious.

Mr Anand told police that as he was driving his passenger on the road, the foreigner came out from the sidewalk blocking and started hitting his car.

As he came out of the taxi to talk to the man, the foreigner grabbed him by the collar, prompting him to punch him in the face once.

Police said they have not yet charged the taxi driver pending the recovery of the foreigner for information.

But they said they would check surveillance cameras in the areas to ensure justices for both sides.