Tax amnesty may unintentionally give rise to divorce rate in Indonesia

The Indonesian government may have raked in almost Rp 100 trillion (US$7.69 billion) into its coffers from tax amnesty but, at the same time, the programme may also be taking an unintentional toll – raising the rate of divorce among billionaire couples, The Jakarta Post Online reported on Friday.

An official story has it that some wives have felt cheated after learning that their husbands are much richer than they had thought.

Some of these inquisitive wives have called the Finance Ministry’s director-general for taxation Ken Dwijugiasteadi demanding that he share information about the wealth of their husbands.

“Someone at the end of the line asked. “Sir, can I get the information my husband has filed regarding the tax amnesty? I heard he declared that he owned many houses, while he has only declared that he owns one to me,” Ken told a seminar on Thursday.

Ken added: “When I told her that I couldn’t, she retorted, ‘Are you trying to defend my husband?’ Then the ensuing family spar ends in divorce.”

And this was only one of a number of similar calls Ken has received from estranged wives.

Ken also observed that on the last few days into the deadline of the first round of amnesty last month, members of the Businesswomen’s Association came in droves to tax amnesty information events. “Apparently, their actual intention was to find leaks about their husbands’ assets,” he quipped.