Task force probes RM600 million in Umno’s bank accounts

Investigators have been trying to prove the money trail of the alleged RM600 million (5 billion baht) deposited in Umno’s bang accounts came from 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB), according to an exclusive report of New Straits Times Online on Saturday.

The 1MDB Special Task Force, in a statement on Friday, confirmed NST report about the investigation and said the move was done over alleged irregularities and misappropriations of funds in the 1MDB.

The NST has learnt that among the frozen individual accounts, one belonged to a prominent lawyer.

The task force said the bank accounts of associations and companies under probe had also been frozen, but it assured that the investigation was conducted fairly and professionally and in accordance with the law.

Meanwhile, a senior Umno leader confirmed with the NST that a huge amount of money, totaling millions, had been channeled to the party several years ago. He alslo confirmed that at the height of the 1MDB probe under the previous administration, investigation did look into the party’s acc