Suthep vows no return to politics but will support Gen Prayut as next PM

People’s Democratic Reform Committee Foundation chairman Suthep Thuagsuban reiterated on Tuesday that he would not contest the next general election nor accept any political post, but would continue to support General Prayut Chan-o-cha as the next prime minister.

Asked about the speculation that he and his former PDRC colleagues would set up a political party to support General Prayut’s quest for the next premiership, the former Democrat heavyweight said that it was quite normal for people to make speculation about him which, he said, was not true.

He reconfirmed his earlier pronouncement to spend the rest of his life to serve the three pillars of the nation namely the Monarchy, the Religion and the People. He said he would not return to become a politician, would not contest any election and would turn down all political offers, not even a post in the executive committee of a party.

Suthep said he had nothing to do with the plan to register PDRC as a political party, but would provide a helping hand for anyone who wants to effect political reforms in the country.

He said he remains committed to supporting Prime Minister Prayut’s administration. However, he left open an option about his status and role in the future “if the mass set up a party in which case the people will decide about what they should do with him.”

Registration of new political parties is possible as of March 1.

Previous report said that a group of PDRC members represented by Dr Ravee Maschamadol will set up a party to be named PDRC party whose main platforms are to support General Prayut as the next premier and reforms of all aspects.