Suthep to abandon Democracy Monument

Protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban announced to abandon the main protest site at the Democracy Monument to open “a new battle field” in the capital’s inner commercial zone to kick off the January 13 Bangkok shutdown to pressure the resignation of the caretaker prime minister.

In his address to several thousands of protesters still rallying at the monument for almost two months long last night, the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) secretary-general Suthep said protesters would dismantle the key protest site from the Democracy Monument to other sites in the capital’s inner commercial zone.

“We will dismantle our stage, break our rice pots, move our kitchen, and open a new battle field to take over the capital,” Suthep announced.

He did not elaborate the exact location in the inner zone of the capital for the main stage but said he would be at all locations which will comprise over 20 in key intersection, T-sections and other commercial and business areas.

During his address to the crowd, the PDRC leader also recalled the current rallies by the police in the provinces said to protect the police dignity.

He said this was a plot against protesters by the caretaker government to disperse the legitimate mass demonstrations in the capital.

He said he was aware of the plot by the Thaksin regime to incite the police particularly in the North and Northeast.

He said senior police officers have held secret meetings and they agreed to gather up to 80,000 strong policemen to Bangkok to disperse protesters.

But he said some good senior officers who disagreed have told him about the plot.

Suthep said he had no scare of the plot and warned that even the police came in hundred thousands, they could never suppress the protesters which now numbers over several millions.

However the protest leader assured that the protesters would not fight the police but the Thaksin regime for the well-being of the later generations.

He said that the police planned to disperse protesters on January 11.

He then called on the national police chief and his deputies to call off the idea to suppress the people with a warning that if violence happened similar to the Din Daeng clashes, they would have no place in the country to live on.

“Our  fight is non-violent resistance, with peace, and  empty hands. If you intend to use force, use guns, all the violence will be on the tapes and will be displayed to the world to denounce you.”

The protest leader said he is an ordinary man and has nothing to lose now but to fight to the last until the Thaksin regime is completely uprooted and thrown out of the country.