Suspected militants shot dead a ranger in Pattani

A para-military ranger was shot dead by suspected southern militants in his pick-up truck in front of his rented house in Muang district of Pattani Saturday night (Jan 27).

Police said that the assailants who appeared to have laid in wait in front of the house of the victim, Paisarn Lalae, opened fire with their automatic weapons when he arrived at his rented house in Tanyong Luloh, killing him behind the driving wheel.

Then the assailants approached his car and snatched his AK47 assault rifle and a bullet-proof vest before escaping into the darkness.

Police said that Paisarn worked as a DJ for the military radio station in the barrack. He usually returned to the rented home during the weekend to stay with his family.

Both the victim’s parents were shot dead by suspected militants while they were rubber tapping in a rubber plantation two years ago.

The victim’s elder brother, Udee Lalae, said the militants were angry with the Lalae family because its two sons joined para-military ranger force which was deemed as their enemy.

Colonel Apichai Ruangrith, commander of 47th regiment of the ranger force, said that the victim’s family would be entitled to compensation estimated at two million baht and his son, now only ten months old, would receive free education.