Suspected militant shot dead in rubber plantation

A suspected southern militant was shot dead by paramilitary rangers in a rubber plantation in Pattani’s Muang district on Friday (July 14).

The victim, 44-year old Paoyee Tasamor, was, on Thursday, held in military custody by virtue of the martial law under the suspicion that he was a militant.

On Friday, Paoyee was escorted by a paramilitary unit to a rubber plantation in Village 4, Tambon Pakaharung to search for weapons which were suspected to be buried somewhere in the plantation.

Paoyee led the rangers to a spot where weapons were believed to be hidden and was ordered to dig them up.

He reportedly found a pistol, grabbed it and opened fire at the rangers who were mostly surprised by the sudden turn of event.

Paoyee escaped by jumping into a nearby klong, but closely pursued by the security force.  He reportedly used the same pistol to fire at the pursuing rangers who returned fire with their automatic rifles.

The victim was later found dead with multiple bullet wounds in the rubber plantation.