Suspected human trafficker apprehended on a fishing boat

Officials of the Department of Special Investigation and officers of the Royal Thai Navy arrested a key suspect on human trafficking charge for alleged involvement in luring workers to work as fishermen in Indonesia on Saturday (Nov 18).

The suspect, Thanongsak Mahasapsakorn, was arrested in a fishing boat, Yor Nava 5, in the sea off Nakhon Si Thammarat province.

Two naval vessels were ordered by Vice Admiral Chumsak Narkvichit, commander of the Second Fleet based in Songkhla province, to intercept Yor Nava 5 fishing trawler after it was confirmed that Thanongsak was working there as a fishing crew.

Thanongsak was alleged to be the skipper of a fishing boat responsible for illegal sending workers to work as fishermen in Ambon, Indonesia.

It was alleged that the suspect served as an enforcer on the fishing boat and was empowered by his boss to beat up any disobedient workers who refused to work.

Earlier, four suspects in the human trafficking ring were captured by DSI officials.