Supreme Court’s ruling on Khru Jomsap’s court case due on Nov 17

The Nakhon Phanom provincial court is scheduled to read the verdict of the Supreme Court on Friday (Nov 17) on the retrial of case in which a Sakon Nakhon school teacher was wrongly charged and convicted of reckless driving causing death to a cyclist.

Jomsap Saenmuangkote, former teacher of Ban Muangkhai Pracharatsongkroh school in Kok Srisuphan district of Sakon Nakhon was sentenced to three years and two months in April 2013 for reckless driving causing death to a cyclist in 2005.

After having served her jailterm for 18 months, she was granted a royal pardon in April 2015. She then sought justice from the Justice Ministry for the revival of her case, claiming that she was wrongly charged by the police.

She insisted that she did not drive the car that hit and killed the cyclist.

Mrs Jomsap was dismissed from the school after she was found guilty by the first court and was ostracized by her colleagues in the school.

The former school teacher is living a quiet life with her husband and a son in Ban Muang Khai, Tambon Dan Muangkham, Kok Srisuphan district of Sakon Nakhon.

She told the media that she was very happy that the Supreme Court has handed down the verdict. Whatever the outcome of the court, she said she would accept it.

Mrs Jomsap also said that she would fight on to be reinstated in her school.