Supreme Court jails 84 former PAD’s security guards for NBT’s siege

  • Anti-government protesters stand guard during force at the National Broadcasting Service of Thailand (NBT) office in Bangkok on August 26, 2008. Thousands of Thai protesters seized a state-run television station and surrounded key government buildings as they stepped up their campaign to force Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej from office. AFP PHOTO/Parroj / AFP PHOTO / PAIROJ

Eighty-four former security guards known as the Srivichai warriors of the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) were sentenced today (Feb 21) to imprisonment from three to eight months by the Supreme Court for their role in the siege of the state-run NBT TV station in Bangkok during the anti-government protest in 2008.

The Supreme Court’s verdict reconfirmed an earlier verdict of the Appeals Court which found the 84 former security guards guilty of illegal assembly, illegal association of more than ten people to commit offences, causing unrest.

The defendants were given jailterms ranging from six months to one year and fined 500 baht each.  The sentence was halved to 3-8 months jailterms due to their confession.

Among the 84 guards were three underaged youths whom the court gave them suspended jailterms.

Of all the guards, 79 of them showed up to hear the verdict from the Supreme Court.  They were later escorted by prison officials to Bangkok Special Prison and the Women’s Remand Home to serve their remaining jailterms.

The other five who did not show up and the court issued warrants for their arrests.

The PAD demonstrations in 2008 aimed to oust the People’s Power Party, which was the reincarnation of the Thai Rak Thai pary.