Supinya officially relieved from NBTC

A National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commissioner Supinya Klangnarong has been officially relieved from her position by virtue of an announcement of the Prime Minister’s Office published in the Royal Gazette on Friday (Jan 12).

The announcement cited that Ms Supinya, a media freedom advocate, was disqualified from the position after she found guilty of violations of the Criminal Code as ruled by the Supreme Court.

On March 15 last year, the Supreme Court found former senator Jon Ungphakorn and nine other people, including Ms Supinya, guilty of illegal assembly of more than 10 people to cause unrest in the country for break-in of the parliament during a protest on Dec 12, 2007.  They were given a two-year suspended jailterm.

The Dec 12, 2007 protest was aimed to stop the National Legislative Assembly from passing the laws which they viewed as threats to the people’s rights and freedom.

Ms Supinya’s final conviction of criminal offences by the Supreme Court made her disqualified to sit in the NBTC in accordance with the NBTC Act.

After the court ruling, Ms Supinya decided to suspend her role in the NBTC and not to receive any remuneration during her voluntary suspension.