A Sukhothai farmer commits suicide over mounting debts

One female farmer committed suicide in Sukhothai by hanging herself because she was stressed and had no money to settle her debts, according to Mr Pichai Amnartsak, kamnan of Tambon Ban Mai Sukkasem, Kong Krailart district.

He identified the victim as Mrs Penseenee Thongchoy, a farmer in Village 3 of Tambon Ban Mai Sukkasem.

The kamnan said that farmers in his district were in deep trouble because they have no cash to settle their old debts and to invest in the new planting season. Many of them have turned to underground lenders who charged very high interest rates, yet they still don’t have enough money to sustain a living, he said, adding that some were very stressed, citing the case of Mrs Penseenee who was so desperate that she decided to commit suicide.

Mrs Kaewlum Chamnan, a farmer of Tambon Ban Mai Sukkasem, said that she had not been paid for five months since she pledged her crops from 130 rai of farmland. What she has in hand is the bai pratuan paper for 1.3 million baht which still remains unpaid so she can settle the two million baht in debt with the Bank of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives.