SRT approves 400 million baht budget to build railroad crossing barricades

The State Railway of Thailand has approved a budget of around 400 million baht to construct over 200 rail crossing barricades so as to ensure safe crossing by vehicles.

The approval came after frequent fatal accidents on rail crossings which have no barricade.

The latest incident early this month involving collision of a pickup truck by a train killing two persons in Udon Thani province.

Of the over 200 rail crossings across the country without barricades and warning signals, seven will be built in Udon Thani.

SRT deputy governor Kamol Tangchitcharoenchai currently there are 775 rail crossings which have no barricades  and they are poised to high risk of accidents.

With the allotted budget, over 200 crossings will now be installed with barricades and will be finished end of this year.

The first barricade will be installed at the crossing at Ban Non-udompattana in Udon Thani  province, and expected to be finished before Songkran festival.

There are a total of 58 rail crossings in Udon Thani, with 15 of them already installed with barricades. Seven  barricades will be installed this year, he added