Sports minister says slim chance to join Indonesia to bid for 2034 FIFA World Cup

Thailand makes it clear today that it has very slim chance to join Indonesia to bid for the 2034 FIFA World Cup.

Mrs Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, Minister of Tourism and Sports, said on Tuesday that it was almost impossible to co-host the world’s football events because of the enormous expenditures that will be spent.

The minister’s comment came after the Football Association of Thailand has earlier said of a possible chance to co-host the event with the Indonesia’s football association over the next 17 years.

She said it needed to conduct feasibility study because hosting FIFA World Cup needed huge investment which might have affected the country’s economy.

She instead said it should be better to spend money in improving and developing the skills of Thai footballers so as to enable them to win right and enter the final round of the competition.

This would be more significance than to bid for the 2034 FIFA World Cup, she said.

“Improvement of Thai football game is more important than hosting the event. We should rather think how we can help to drive the Thai team to the top. We all love football game but there are other sports such as Thai boxing, takraw, or other sports. They also have same importance.”

Brazil spent over US$3.5 billion or over 1.1 trillion baht in building new stadium and in improving the existing facilities to meet FIFA required standards to host the world cup.

Russia, host for 2018 World Cup, has spent over US$ 2.5 billion while Qatar is spending US$140 billion for hosting 2022 World Cup.

Indonesia is set to lead a consortium of South East Asian countries in an ambitious bid to host the 2034 FIFA World Cup, the country’s football association said Wednesday.

The deadline to register a bid is 2026.

Due to geographical and infrastructure considerations, only two or three of the 10 ASEAN member countries would be in a position to host matches in the 2034 World Cup, the Indonesian football association said earlier.