Southern insurgents killed four police officers

Four plainclothes policemen were shot dead when they were ambushed by a group of heavily armed insurgents while travelling on their pick-up truck on a mission to suppress oil smuggling in Thung Yangdaeng district of Pattani.


Thung Yangdaeng district police chief Pol Col Kovit Ratanachoti said the four police officer led by Pol Capt Santichai Sanpradit in plainclothes were in a pick-up truck on their way to intercept oil smuggling in the province. They were all attached to the oil smuggling suppression task force  of the Southern Border Police Operation Center.

He said that while they were driving on the road in Tambon Paku in Thung Yangdaeng, another black-color pickup truck with 5-6 men at the rear of the truck pulled alongside the police’s truck.

As the black pickup truck approached, five men at the rear stood up and opened fire with assault rifles. The police truck skidded off the road and lost balance. The gunmen followed and shot  all the officers while  some still injured and some trying to run away and fired back. They were all shot dead. The insurgents ransacked the police truck and made off with all their pistols and other weapons.