South Korea bans Thai charter flights, affecting 10,000 passengers

South Korea is banning charter flights from Thai airlines after Thai negotiation team failed to convince Korean civil aviation authorities in the first-round talk

Civil Aviation Department director general Somchai Piputwat disclosed that Thai civil aviation team flew to South Korean on April 2 to talk to the Korean authorities on the international Civil Aviation Organisation’s safety concern on charter flights operated by by Thai airlines.

However the team failed to convince the Korean civil aviation authorities to ease flight restriction on Thai airlines after the ICAO voiced safety concern.

This would result in charter flights from Thai airlines banned to fly into South Korea beginning in April, he said.

He said three Thai airlines will be affected and were unable to fly into South Korea.

He said about 10,000 passengers who are scheduled to fly to South Korea, and to leave in April will be affected.

However, he said, although South Korea will ban charter flights from Thai airlines, regular flights will continue as usual but increasing flights won’t be permitted.

Mr Somchai said despite of the ban, South Korean civil aviation authorities understand the problem that Thailand is facing and Thailand will continue to talk to the Koreans same as it has earlier reached understanding with Japan.

Transport Minister ACM Prajin Juntong is scheduled to report the issue yontge public on Tuesday.