Sorry, no VDO footage of Royal Plaza after March 31 as cameras were removed

Attempt by a group of activists to look for a suspect or suspects responsible for the missing of the 1932 coup makers’ plaque by examining video footages of CCTV system at the Royal Plaza appears to have been dashed when they were told by City Hall officials that the CCTV cameras were coincidentally removed on March 31 by the Traffic and Transportation Office to facilitate improvement of traffic lighting system at the area.

The activists went to the City Hall on Wednesday to demand for an examination of the VDO footage from CCTV system installed by Bangkok Metropolitan Administration around the Royal Plaza were the plaque was embedded on the ground near the equestrian statue.

Severan newsmen, police and military personnel were at the City Hall when the activists met with Mr Yutthapan Meechai, secretary to the city governor to discuss about the video footage.

Mr Yutthapan reportedly told the activists that the city administration had no objection to their request to examine the video footage provided that they had formally lodged a complaint with the police and that the police had approved their request.

However, the activists were told that 11 cameras installed around the Royal Plaza had been removed on March 31 by officials of the Traffic and Transportation Office to facilitate the improvement of traffic lighting system because the cameras were mounted on the traffic light poles.

The activists were however shown footage taken on March 31 before the removal of the cameras.

Mr Apisit Sapnapapan, one of the activists, said they would ask for a look of footage from the other cameras near the scene.

Pol Gen Srivara Rangsipromnakun, meanwhile, warned the activists that their public gathering might be deemed an offence for inciting public disturbance.

He said that although Dusit police had accepted their complaint, but it was not yet regarded as a legal case as police would have to determine whether the activists were legally damaged party or not.

NCPO spokesman Colonel Piyapong Klinpan, meanwhile, urged all activist groups to stop their activities demanding a probe into the missing plaque.

He said that the groups should help in restoring peace and order rather than playing up the issue of a missing plaque.