Son asks for forensic autopsy of 106-year-old father after family dispute

A son of the 106-year-old father has asked for forensic autopsy of his father, reasoning that the prolonged family dispute lead to his suspicion over his death.

Chinaphon Raksasat asked the police in Thung Song district of Nakhon Si Thammarat to send the body of his father, Plod Raksasat, to Songklanagarind Hospital in Songkhla province for autopsy after Plod was found dead at his home yesterday (Jan 1).

The old man lived with his daughter-in-law, Oraphan, who reported that Plod died of old age.

But Mr Chinaphon, who is an elder brother of Prasert, suspected a foul play in his father’s death and asked for an autopsy.

Plod Raksasat, 106, passed away on Jan 1.

Plod earlier lodged complaint with Thung Song Provincial Court, asking the court to order Mr Chinaphon and his son, Phichitsak, to return a 20-rai land plot to him because the two did not take care of him after they received the land plot.

The court ruled in favour of Plod and ordered Mr Chinaphon and Mr Phichitsak to return the land plot to Plod.

Mr Chinaphon insisted that he took care of his father well and paid a 8,000-baht monthly allowance to Plod over the past two years.

He said he suspected that his younger brother Prasert and Orawan persuaded his father to file the suit to claim back the land because Prasert was discontent with Plod’s decision to give the land to him and his son, Phichitsak.

In 2012, Prasert was convicted of attempted murder after he shot Mr Phichitsak in the family dispute. Prasert has been serving his term since then.