Small businesses warned of new tactics by southern militants

The Royal Thai Police today warned small business operators in the four trouble-plagued provinces in the South to be aware of new tactics applied by perpetrators as they could be lured into danger.

Warning by the Royal Thai Police commissioner Pol Gen Chaktip Chaijinda came as a canvas vendor in Yala might be lured into installing a canvas roof for a customer’s home in Pattani with intent to rob his pickup truck to make car bomb.

The vendor remains unaccountable for while his robbed truck was used in the bomb attack at Big C supercentre in Pattani.

Pol Gen Chaktip said the bomb attack at Big C indicated that southern insurgents are applying a new tactics to get the vehicle.

They might call business operators to repair houses, or fix other utilities but rob them if they fall to their traps.

Then they will immediately turn the vehicle to car bomb, he said, adding this new tactics has successfully enabled them to avoid security checkpoints.