Six Cambodians arrested for poaching Siamese rosewood trees

Forestry officials arrested six Cambodian poachers in the Thap Lan national park in Prachin Buri province Saturday morning (Feb 10) for allegedly cutting down Siamese rosewood.

Thap Lan national park chief Prawatsart Chanteap said park rangers from Huay Kambhu wildlife protection unit were alerted of the illegal entry of the park from its Network Centric Anti Poaching System (NCAPS) alarm system at 3.40am near Klong Namsai canal in Na Di district.

A team of rangers was then dispatched to the area to hunt down the intruders.

Six Cambodian men were found with two motor chain saws and a large quantity of food supply.

Questioning of the six Cambodians revealed that there were among 37 Cambodians crossing the border to cut Siamese rosewood or phayung trees. They were led by two Thai villagers into the park.

The park chief said Thap Lan is the first national park to introduce the laser guided NCAPS system to detect intruders.

The system comprises video cameras which were deployed at difficult terrain where eye observation is hardly possible.

The laser-guided camera will catch the movement of intruders and wild animals and will send images of objects caught to park officials on duty.

Mr Prawatsart said the system has great advantage for wildlife protection operation and reduces loss of life as it allows authorities to carefully assess the situation before launching the operation.