Singapore ranks top spot as the world’s most welcoming city for tourists

Singapore was named by a new travel index as the world’s most welcoming city for tourists with the Republic earning an overall score of 8.22 out of 10 in safety, world-class airport and willingness to host tourists, according to the Straits Times Online on Wednesday(Nov 8).

The index, published on October 31 by holiday website TravelBird, ranked a total of 100 cities worldwide, according to factors such as expert opinion, port of entry, safety, happiness, English proficiency and openness to accommodating tourists.

According to the index, Singapore earned a perfect score of 10 for port of entry, a score of 8.9 for safety and 8.6 for openness to tourists. It received an overall score of 8.22, with Stockholm’s 8.02, Helsinki’s 8.01, San Francisco’s 8 and Rotterdam’s 7.98 rounding out the top five spots.

Bottom-ranked cities include Moscow, Hanoi and Hungary’s Budapest.

Thousands of cities were first examined based on data from World Tourism Organization before the index focused on the top 500 destinations according to tourist arrival numbers.

An expert poll conducted with more than 15,000 travel journalists, asking them how welcoming they found each city based on their personal experiences, was also taken into consideration.

Cities deemed to have suffered from overtourism were marked down.