Silom tops the most expensive land price at one million baht per square wah

Silom business area has the most expensive land price in the country with a square wah of land rising to one million baht, while Ratchadamri area coming second at 900,000 baht.

The new land price appraisal was announced by the Treasury Department over the weekend.

The new land price appraisal will become effective four years from January 1 next year to end of December 2019 before a new round of land price appraisal will be made again.

According to Mr Chakkrit Parapuntakul, director-general of the Treasury Department, the new land price appraisal saw land prices going up 75-150% as compared to prices four years ago.

Average land price nationwide is 15% higher than the last appraisal.

The highest price increase are land close to electric trains routes in Bangkok.

He said land price at Silom, particularly land close to the electric train route, rose to one million baht per square wah (4 square meters), from previous appraisal at 850,000 baht.

Coming close to Silom is Rachadamri where price shot up to 900,000 from 600,000-700,000 baht.

He said land prices in new economic zones and close to high speed train routes also doubled.