Shootings at Morchit bus terminal leave five dead

Five youths were shot dead and six were injured in a melee and shoot-out Wednesday at Mor Chit bus terminal in Chatuchak area.

Bang Sue police said that of the four dead, they are motocycle-taxi drivers at the bus terminal, while another is a youth from KM 11 community of Bang Sue area.

Forensic police collected more than 30 cases of spent .22 caliber and 9 m.m. cartridges from the scene of shootings.

The police said that before the shooting started a group of youths from Km 11 community were seen playing games inside an Internet café at the bus terminal. Their playing annoyed a group of motorcycle taxi drivers who were drinking liquor at the taxi queue. A fist fight started and ended with the youths fleeing from the scene before they were outnumbered by the motorcycle taxi drivers.

But 10 minutes later  the KM 11 community youths returned with more people and started shootings at the motorcycle taxi drivers. The brief shootings and fighting ended with three killed at the scene and eight wounded. Two died later at hospital.

Police said they retrieved a video footage showing the face of a youth in the shooting. They are now hunting for the youth and other collaborators for trial.