Several Abu Sayyaf key members killed in Philippines military offensive

Several key members of the Abu Sayyaf terror gang, including some known gunmen in the beheading of hostages, have been killed in the past month by the Philippines military in intensified offensive, The Star Online reported on Monday.

Among those intelligence sources believe have been killed are Idang Susukan and Majan Sahidjuan, also known as Apo Mike while many others are on the run.

Apo Mike, Idang and his brother Atai are among 23 Filipino nationals who are on the Eastern Sabah Security Command wanted list.

The suspects’ known names and pictures were made public last November in a bid to capture the criminals believed to be behind a series of cross-border kidnappings in Sabbah’s east coast.

So far, the Philippine military has only announced the death of Buchoy Hassan, also known as Black or Bocoi, but intelligence sources believed others like Apo Mike have been killed.

The Philippine military has said that Bocoi was among 30 Abu Sayyaf members killed in military operations against the gunmen believed to have beheaded their hostages.

Jolo-based anti kidnapping activist Prof Octavio Dinampo said Atai, an Abu Sayyaf sub commander had also been killed along with his wife and Idang’s wife.