Senior monk in Nan face sexual abuse charge

The Nan Provincial Court yesterday (Nov 13) ordered the arrest of a deputy abbot of a temple after he was found guilty of sexual abuse against a child.

Phra Samut Udonchinwangso, deputy abbot of Wat Phyawat, was accused of buying sex from an underaged boy.

The issuance of arrest warrant came after he quietly left the temple last Saturday (Nov 4) following the surface of the charge.

Phra Khru Siriranantawit, the dean monk of Muang Nan district, who headed the investigation after the child sexual abuse charge was reported, said his disappearance could not hamper monastic punishment for the alleged offence.

He would be considered defrocked even though he did not show up, the dean monk said.

For other two abbots who earlier faced sexual abuse charges, he said they have voluntarily left monkhood and turned themselves to the police to acknowledge the charges. They all both said that they will fight for their innocence in court.

Nan police chief Pol Col Prayoon Chamnankong said the police are gathering evidence to prosecute the suspects.

He said if the boys are under 15 years old, they could face rape charges even if they have the boys’ consents.