Senators draw boos from anti-riot police

A team of 40 senators inspecting the fierce battle scene between anti-riot police and protesters at Bangkok Youth Center (Thai-Japan) at Din Daeng drew boos and shouts from anti-riot police stationed inside, forcing them to leave the place immediately.

The senators were led by Phaibul Nititawan and Somchai Sawaengkarn.

The senators inspected the area to collect evidences and question residents following complaints that the anti-riot police fired tear gas and live ammunition at protesters.

The firing started sine 7.00.a.m. and lasted at about 5 p.m.

The firing cast doubt on the action of the police when in fact the Election Commission has suspended party-list registration when violence broke out. In addition the protesters have also pulled out of the area at about 2.00 p.m. after a fierce clashes that left two dead and 153 injured.

Residents and protesters complained that the anti-riot police continued to fire tear gas out of the stadium periodically and late in the afternoon storming out and went berserk smashing parked cars and motorcycles.

The team of 40 senators went into the stadium this morning to inspect the area.

They were kept under watch by the police who later were angry and dissatisfied and started to boo and shout at the senators and expel them to go out.

The unexpected incident shocked the senators forcing them to leave immediately.

This morning military police also came to pick up ammunition and tear gas guns which were stocked inside the stadium for keeping.