Seksan: Thai society is on the verge of a volcano

Former student leader of the 70s Seksan Prasertkul voiced his support for an election saying that it is an important starting point for reform.

Speaking at a press conference staged by the so-called “ Two Yes, Two No” non-partisan movement at Thammasat University on Friday, Seksan said that for reform to take place it is necessary that the views of all stakeholders must be heard and listened to and reform must be undertaken within the framework of democracy and free from violence.

Election is an important starting point for reform, he said, adding that both the government sector and the civil society sector must get involved in the reform process with the government being given the consensus to start the process and not any particular group to start the process.

Reform must not be top down but also from bottom up with the government serving as the medium, he said.

Seksan, now a lecturer at Thammasat Universitly, likened Thailand under the present circumstances to a man walking on the edge of a volcano.  He urged all parties in the political conflict to exercise wisdom and conscience to prevent the country from sliding into anarchy.