Security alert in South

Security alerts were imposed in the South today after intelligence and security officials warned of possible new round of violence end of this month.

Officials said that there are indications that the southern insurgents would renew more violent attacks, particularly in the municipality area of Yala province, with targets focusing on government officials, police and military personnel.

Intelligence officials have gained some information that two core members of the RKK rebel group have arrived in a Malaysian border town for planning and are ready to enter the Thai town of Raman district of Yala province.

They also told local authorities in Bannang Star, Yaha, Krong Penang, Thanto, and Tambon Lammai of Muang district to tighten top security as information gained said the insurgents planned to attack an army base, police stations and shooting Thai Buddhists in these targets.

They told the police to work closely with other security officials to set up more  checkpoints at main and secondary roads to check all passing vehicles.