Search operations continue throughout the night non-stop

Search and rescue operations continue throughout the night as rescue teams race against time to reach the 13 trapped footballers and coach who are still missing since they went into the cave on Saturday.

The Seal frog men who led the search because of their underwater skill and expertise decided to settle inside the cave to carry on with their search and will not pull out to the cave entrance as they did in the previous nights.

Electrical cables were installed at the Seal team’s base camp to provide lighting and, at the same time, to power water pumps which were set up near the camp to pump water out of the cave which will hopefully facilitate the operations of the Seal’s frog men.

It was reported that the Seal team would be resupplied with food, oxygen tanks and other necessities by border patrol policemen without the need to get out to the entrance of the cave.

Meanwhile, another combined team of about 60 police, military and rescue workers were ordered to trek on foot toward a tunnel at a cliff face which was believed to be able to get into the cave and to “Pattaya Beach” sand dune at a cave chamber where the 12 footballers and a coach were believed to be taking refuge to escape rising water.