“Sea walk” operator acknowledges charge for Chinese tourist’s death

Pattaya police yesterday (Nov 5) charged the operator of “sea walk” service for causing a person’s death through reckless behavior after a 52-year-old female Chinese tourist went for the walk and died.

Passakorn Vajiranuntakul, 44, reported to Pattaya police for acknowledgement of the charge after the tourist went unconsciously after she went for the sea walk in the 4-metre deep sea off Pattaya coast.

During the questioning witnessed by the tourist’s relatives, Passakorn insisted all the equipment provided for sea walk are of international standards and they are all properly checked for safety before giving to customers to use.

He said it was possible that the victim might get frightened while walking in water of four metres deep.

She might shake her head and body stringly while in the water, forcing the water to leak into her helmet.

She was unconscious after being helped out to the surface and died at hospital.

The police said the operator has bought insurance coverage for all customers, adding that the victims will be compensated by insurance firm.

At present there are 18 operators of sea walk, 10 operators of parasail and jet ski services in Pattaya.

All operators have insurance coverage for all their customers to ensure confidence of their services.