Scrutiny committee bans entertainment activities during election campaign

The tri-partite scrutiny committee on Monday (Feb 19) resolved unanimously by nine votes against nil to restore the original provision of the election of MPs bill which bans the holding of entertainment activities during the election campaign period.

Election Commission chairman Supachai Somcharoen said the scrutiny committee headed by Mr Wittaya Piewpong agreed unanimously rejected the amended MP election bill allowing entertainment activities to be held during electioneering and restored the original provision that bans entertainment activities which was proposed from the beginning by the Constitution Drafting Committee.

The scrutiny committee also agreed to review some details of Section 35 of the MP election bill regarding the withdrawal of the rights of eligible voters who do not exercise their voting rights.

How Section 35 is to be reviewed is subjected to discussions among parties concerned and the NLA has no problem with amending the two issues, said Mr Supachai.

He insisted that the tri-partite committee which is made up of representatives of the NLA, the Constitution Drafting Committee and the Election Commission has no conflict with one another and is ready to discuss the two issues with reasons to ensure that the election is fair and just.