School pleads for help from intruding wild elephants

The management of a school in Tha Takiap district of Chachoengsao has called on authorities concerned to come to their rescue from wild elephants which, they said, might harm both students and teachers.

The plea followed a recent incident when about 40 wild elephants broke into the compound of Ang Sua Dam school in Tambon Klong Takrao apparently to search for food and water.

The elephants broke through a section of the school wall and caused damages to a water tank and pipes and trees, but did not harm anybody in the school.

A schoolteacher disclosed that, in recent years, wild elephants had come to the school more frequently and, sometimes, when there was class, causing panic among students and teachers.

He said that students had to be herded to the second floor of the school building and told to keep quiet during the “invasion” by the elephants.  He added that there were a few elephants which were frequent visitors to the school.

Officials of Khao Ang Rue Nai wildlife sanctuary have been contacted by the school’s management to mete out measures to prevent the elephants from breaking into the school.