Samui resort removes head of Buddha statue from beach

The management of a resort on Koh Samui island has decided to remove the head of a Buddha statue from the beach in front of the resort following widespread criticism in the social media about is inappropriateness.

Cultural experts, accompanied by military personnel and local administration officials visited the resort in Tambon Bo Phud on Friday to investigate following the criticism in the social media.

They found the head of a Buddha statue being used as a decorative item positioned on the beach in front of the resort and informed the resort’s management that the positioning of the statue was inappropriate and could be deemed an affront to Buddhism.

The uproar stemmed from a post in the Facebook page of Saipan Saipan (สายป่าน สายป่าน) criticizing the resort for putting the head of a Buddha’s statue on the beach where many tourists usually sunbath and swim in the sea.