Sale and advertisements of amulets on temple grounds banned

All temples in Bangkok have been told to ban the sale of amulets or Buddha images on temple grounds and to stop allowing posters selling amulets or Buddha images to be put up on temple grounds.

The tough restriction on the sale and advertisements of amulets or Buddha images on temple grounds was meted out by Phra Promdilok, the abbot of Wat Sam Phraya, in his capacity as the chief monk of Bangkok.

The restriction order cited that there were people capitalizing on the religious beliefs of people for vested interest by advertising the magical powers of their amulets or Buddha images in a way which goes against the true teachings of Buddhism and misleads the public.

Meanwhile, Somdet Phraputthajarn Sanit Chuanpanyo, the abbot of Wat Traimit and chief monk of the eastern region, issued a directive, forbidding monks from making comments or expressing views in a way which may threaten the security of three top institutions: the Nation, the Religion and the Monarchy.

Temple abbots were ordered to make sure that monks under their supervision will refrain from making comments or opinions endangering the security of the three institutions and to deal with the violators in accordance with the law.

Supervisory monks who fail to rein in rogue monks who defy the directive will face disciplinary actions.