Sab Wapee’s case forwarded to prosecutor

Prosecutor will set up a working panel to peruse the Nakhon Phanom police inquiry officers’ case file of Sab Wapee and his wife who have been charged with perjury.

Mr Sab and his wife, Mrs Jan Wapee, were slapped with five charges for giving false testimonies to police inquiry officials concerning the bid for a retrial of Mrs Jomsap’s fatal car accident case over a decade ago.

In what appeared to be an organized attempt to revive Mrs Jomsap’s case, Mr Sab claimed to be the real driver who crashed his car into a bicyclist who later died.  Later on, he reversed his testimony, claiming that he was hired to give the false statement to the police.

OAG deputy spokesman Prayut Petchkhun said Friday (Dec 22) that police had forwarded the case files against Mr Sab and his wife to Nakhon Phanom provincial attorney office.

The office will set up a working panel to deliberate the case in accordance with the OAG regulations because the case is of widespread public interest, he said.

Mr Prayut said that, in accordance with the legal procedure in the handling of such a case, if the working panel agreed to indict the couple of all the charges as filed by the police, the prosecutor in charge of the case could proceed with the indictment, but he had to notify his superior, the prosecution director-general of 4th region.

But if the working panel decided not to prosecute the couple, then the case would have to be sent to the prosecution director-general of the 4th region for finalization.

Mr Prayut expected the working committee to wrap up the case and make the decision within the end of this month.