Rural leaders threaten to reject charter draft if it is not amended to include central and local administrations

Kamnans and village heads issued an unveiled threat today (Monday ) that they might reject the charter draft in the referendum if the draft is not amended to restore a provision about central and local administrations.

Mr Yongyot Yotkhiew, president of the Association of Kamnans and Village Heads of Thailand, said today that he would lead about 300 kamnans and village heads to the parliament on Wednesday to hand over a petition to the National Legislative Assembly and the Constitution Drafting Committee to demand a review of the provision in the charter draft regarding rural administration.

Mr Yongyot said the association found it very weird that the charter draft only has a provision regarding rural administration and omitting both central and local administrations.

“I don’t know whether the CDC has any hidden motive in deleting the provision regarding central and local administrations from the draft. Since the charter is the supreme law, I am afraid that national administration may be affected in the future even though the CDC has argued that the provision can be incorporated in the organic law,” said Mr Yongyot.

He claimed that the association has 3-4 million members and that they might vote against the draft in the referendum.