Rubber talks end but protests continue

The government has agreed to guarantee rubber price at 90 baht a kilo to become effective in 7-10 days.

Deputy Prime Minister Pracha Promnok, head of the government’s panel in today’s talks with representatives of rubber protesters in Nakhon Si Thammarat, said the two sides had agreed to settle the rubber price at 90 baht a killo.

He said that the government could not respond to the protesters’ demand for 95 baht a kilo because it would put too much financial burden on the government.

Rubber representatives were however split over the 90 baht price offered by Pracha’s panel against the protesters’ demand for 95 baht.  Some dissenting representatives walked out of the meeting before a compromise settlement was reached between the two parties.

Deputy Prime Minister Pracha brushed aside a question by reporters about why Mr Amnuay Yutitham, a protest leader, walked out of the meeting.  He insisted that the 90 baht price was endorsed by the majority of the farmer’s representatives.

Amnuay later said that his group would not accept the 90 baht price and threatened to stage another protest on September 14.

After the announcement of the successful deal from the negotiations, rubber protesters at Kuan Nong Hong road intersection in Cha-uat district dispersed and lifted the road blockade apparently satisfied with the settlement.