Rubber farmers begin mass rally in South

Rubber farmers in 14 southern provinces began their mass rally in Surat Thani early this morning amid tight security by the police.

They started gathering in front of the agricultural cooperatives office in Surat Thani before dawn.

Farmer leaders said they have strong confidence that the mass rallies by rubber farmers  across the country  might pressure the government to revise their earlier decisions, particularly the guaranteed price for rubber sheets.

They insisted that the guaranteed prices  for raw rubber sheet at 92d baht/kilo, smoked rubber sheet at 101 baht,rubber cup at 83 baht and rubber latex at 83 baht are not high and be heavy burden for the government.

They said that they would not upgrade their rally to block the Asian Highway but would like to await the outcome of the talks between their representative and the government before taking any action.

Meanwhile the southern police were put on full alert to cope with any untoward incident as the governor promised not to use force to disperse the protesters.

Until now rubber farmers continue to join their colleagues in Surat Thani and their leaders reiterated that the rally was not politically motivated.