Rubber committee extends cash subsidy to help farmers

The Natural Rubber Committee chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Kittirat na Rahong has agreed to extend cash subsidy to cover more farmers.]

Kittirat, also finance minister, said that under this new subsidy program where 10 billion baht additional fund will be set aside, the extension of this financial assistance will cover farmers holding 25-rai of farmland, in addition to earlier cash subsidy to farmers owning 10-rai of farmland. Besides this new cash aid will also include farmers  holding no official  rights documents.

But the cash subsidy will be the same at 1,260 baht/rai .

Amount of  cash subsidy will be assessed from the harvesting of rubber for seven months starting from September this year till March next year. Farmer will obtain  6 baht/kilo subsidy for  their harvest.

Kittirat said further that authorities will now try to explain to rubber farmers on the assistance  and expressed confidence that rubber prices will shore up soon as now purchase orders began to arrive while the government also halted collection of export fee from rubber for four months which will enable competitiveness  of Thai rubber exports.