Romance scam victim Nicha will get state compensation for wrongful imprisonment

Romance scam victim Ms Nicha Kiartanaphaibul can get state compensation for the wrongful detention in prison after she was charged by the police for Call Centre scam.

This was disclosed on Thursday by Mr Yongyuth Thamnitayakul, a justice official at Tak Provincial Court after Ms Nicha Kiartanaphaibul, 24, went to the court on second summons to report herself as a precondition before being granted temporary release on a 80,000 baht bail.

She was invited by justice officials to be informed of her legal right to receive state compensation by the Justice Fund over her wrongful detention in Tak central prison after police sought detention of her for the alleged fraud.

Ms Nicha was detained in the prison for three days and two nights before she was granted bail by the Appeals Court after she was earlier rejected bail twice by the first court upon request by the police.

The justice official told her that initially she would be paid for lawyer fee, travel expense, hotel fees for the travel to Tak on second court’s summons.

For human right violation over her wrongful detention, the official said she is entitled to get compensation from the Justice Fund which will be considered by a 15-member committee chaired by the justice minister.

The court would also return her 80,000 baht bond after she was ruled not guilty but a victim of the romance scam.

Her lawyer Jirasak Sudsang said the Tak provincial police will withdraw the suit filed in the court against her, while legal action seven commercial banks was up to her own decision.