Roadside bomb attack in South kills a marine ranger

A marine ranger was killed and another seriously injured when they were attacked with bomb while on a patrol in Bacho district of Narathiwat province on Monday morning.

The killed ranger was identified as Anant Vichienthong, while the injured Yuthsna Thongyen was first rushed to Bacho hospital but later transferred to Narathiwat hospital due to serious injuries.

The two were among a team of eight marine rangers making a routine patrol on four motorcycles from their marine ranger base along the Ban Zuwo-Kayormati road in Bacho district.

As the team rode pass Village Group 4, a 20-kilo home made bomb hid by the roadside undergrowth was detonated by the southern territorists byremote control device, killing the ranger who was riding on the pillion instantly.

Shortly afterwards, a combined force of marines and police arrived along with EOD police to comb the area for evidence and to hunt the terrorists who they believed were still hiding in the areas.

Broken shrapnels of radio equipment were found at the scene, indicating that the bomb was detonated by radio signals.