Rice farmer kills himself over debts from unpaid rice money

A 36-year-old farmer of Chai Nat province killed himself by drinking coffee mixed with poison.

Supamit Sathong was pronounced dead at Chainatnarentorn hospital in Muang district of Chai Nat province Wednesday.

His father 74-year-old Sawek Sathong  said his son was suffering from stress after he sold rice worth 220,000 baht to the government under the rice-pledging scheme.

He said his son received two vouchers from the rice sale with payment due in December last year.

But until now, his son still was not paid.

He said his son went to the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives’ Chai Nat branch every week asking if he could get money from his two vouchers.

But bank officials said the government has not yet transferred money to the bank to pay farmers who have the vouchers.

He said his son has no choice but to pledge the two vouchers as collateral to borrow 100,000 baht to pay for the land rents of 40,000 baht, and the rest as cost to buy grains to do the new planting, and as rent for the plough.

However drought has damaged his new crop while the money he borrowed also was not yet received.

His stress then developed, prompting him to kill himself to escape all the problems, Sawek said.

He also said his son was just married in September last year.

He recalled that on April 29, his son bade farewell to his mother saying “Mom I’m Leaving” and also tried to bid him farewell.

But before his son could say a word, he suddenly fell to the ground with arms and legs bending together and trembling.

He was rushed to Manorom hospital first and later transferred to Chainatnarentorn hospital as his condition deteriorates fast.

Doctors said later he took rodenticide and came too late to hospital. He died later today

He became the 10thth farmers to have committed suicide with reason of suffering stress because of the late payment for their rice.