Revenue to launch mobile application to curb tax avoidance

The Revenue Department will launch a mobile application that will allow the public to give information on tax avoidance to the department.

Director-general of the department Mr Prasong Poontanaet said the application would be launched in January 1 next year.

He said this application would allow people to help revenue officials to track down on intentional tax evaders, thus would create fairer tax paying in the societies

He cited example of restaurants refusing to issue tax invoices to customers is a tax avoidance.

He went on saying that the department still allows tax payers to claim tax refund online for this tax year from January next year to end of March.

He said tax payers who have registered for Prompt Pay service will be the first group of tax payers to get the tax refund, while others will receive refund in 30 days.

He expected that this year will see up to 80% of Prompt Pay users claim tax refunds an increase from 60% last year.

Thai street food seller Jay Fai

Commenting on report that revenue officials have been sent to inquire tax payment from a Thai street food seller Jay Fai who was awarded a Michelin star at the launch of Bangkok’s first guide, Mr Prasong said Jay Fay has nothing to worry about if she just pays the tax properly.