Revenue chief clarifies delay in tax returns

The Revenue Department has advised working people to register for "Prompt Pay" service so that they could get tax returns faster in case they claim for tax returns.

The advice from the director-general of the Revenue Department Prasong Poontaneat came as there are increasing complaints of delays in tax returns to working people claiming the tax returns.

Prasong admitted of the delay in tax returns to those who did not register for the Prompt Pay service as officials apparently are giving priority to Prompt Pay as it allows for a more convenient reimbursement of tax returns while at the same time reducing paper work.

He stated that the department’s policy was not to force the public to register for Prompt Pay.

He said for those who do not wish to do so will still receive their tax returns by cheques, which will be mailed to them.

He said the department’s move was to ensure greater convenience and speed in making tax return payments because there will be no waiting period for cheques to arrive over the mail which will then have to be cashed.

Furthermore, the problem of cheques being lost or going missing will be eradicated, he said.

Prasong revealed that in the past as many as hundreds of thousands of cheques have gone missing.

Although registering for Prompt Pay is not compulsory with regards to tax returns failure to do so will result in delays.

Recent statistics indicates that since January of this year, more than 60% of recipients of tax returns are already registered for Prompt Pay service.