Rehabilitation commission to rebuild Marawi is needed

The Philippine government was urged to set up a rehabilitation commission to oversee the reconstruction and rehabilitation of war-raged Marawi Dity, according to a report of The Manila Times Online on Tuesday.

In a news forum held in Manila on Monday, military analyst Jose Antonio Custodio, a former professor of the University of the Philippines, the government would need the help of the other countries such as China, Japan and the United States to restore normalcy in Marawi City.

“Reconstruction is now part of the counter extremism and terrorism plan. Injustice is still the very origin of extremism and the only sure way to prevent the people from becoming terrorists is by solving the economic and social problems,” said Custodio.

A team from the UP that recently visited Marawi said thousands of the evacuees need humanitarian help.

International Studies Professor Sarah Raymundo and All Workers Unity spokesman Felix Parinas told a foum in Iligan City that the evacuees need food and medicines.

The two visited the evacuation centres in Barangay Turil and Pawak in Saguiaran town in Lanao del Sur and in the town of Pindaluman.

Parinas also urged the setting up of tent schools so that children could continue their studies.