Red shirts harass PDRC protesters in Chiang Mai

Anti-government protesters were harassed by red-shirt followers in Muang district of Chiang Mai Sunday as the former tried to campaign for the local people to support national reform to take place before the country go to the polls.

About 100 followers of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee first gathered in front of a Catholic church on Charoenrat road to distribute leaflets to passing motorists inviting them to join their campaign in support of national reform instead of going to the polls on February 2.

Later on the group marched along the Tha Pae road to the Sam Kasat monument.  But however a group of red-shirt followers were already at the Nawarat bridge to block the protesters from passing through.

Policemen who were deployed at the scene then persuaded the anti-government protesters to change their route to the Nakhon Ping bridge to avoid the confrontation with the red shirts.

The protesters concurred and switched from marching to travelling in cars and motorcycles.  But nevertheless they were again blocked by the red shirts who followed them to Soi Ton Bodi behind Wat Chaisriphum.

The red shirts reportedly hurled bottles and stones at the protesters’ convoy and assaulted some motorcycle-riding female protesters.

The unprovoked violence prompted the police to intervene to prevent the violence from worsening.  The protesters also decided to change their protest venue from Wat Sam Kasat to Nong Hor shooting range to avoid confronting the red shirts.