Red Bull’s affiliated firm plans to move its 3B baht project to a new site, probably in a neighbouring country

The KTD Property Development Company has decided to cancel its plan to build a non-alcoholic drink factory in Khon Kaen’s Ubonrat district and may move its factory to a neighbouring country.

A statement of the company which is affiliated with the Red Bull Company said that, in the past couple of months, the company encountered fierce resistance from some groups of people who opposed the company’s plan to invest about three billion baht to build a non-alcoholic plant in a 30-rai state land in Tambon Ban Dong.

The statement said the company intended to co-exist peacefully with the local community and to provide jobs to them, but this was distorted by the opponents of the project, forcing the company to cancel the project and to move elsewhere.

Opponents of the project claimed that the 30-rai land plot to be leased to KTD Property Development Company was not a plot of waste land, but a community forest rich with diverse trees and forest products.  Under pressure from the opponents and environment groups, the land rental deal with the company was later revoked.

The statement added that the company was considering an alternative site for its plant which may be in a neighbouring country.