Real estate heir wins car licence plate bid at 25 million baht

A fourth year 19-year-old student of Assumption Business Adminstration College whose father is a real estate businessman in Chonburi province has won the bid for the car licence plate No 1กก1111 at 25 million baht.

The bid for the repetitive numbers 1กก1111 for car licence plate was  called by the Land Transport Department in March 15 but was just handed over to the winner, Thanapat Tantisewekul, yesterday after the payment has been completed.

The handover of the costly licence plate to the winner was made at a ceremony presided over by the director general of the Department Mr Asdsathai Rattanadilok Na Phuket.

Mr Asdsathai said the price was the highest for a car licence number since the department held the first ever bidding for beautiful  licence numbers in 2003.

This bidding was the record high in 11 years after the bidding for ญญ 9999 was won at 11 million baht in 2003.

The Department plans to hold bidding for the 2กก2222 number in February next year and expects to receive higher bid price, and the highlighted  9กก9999 number over the next seven years.

As a privilege to the winner,  Mr Asdsathai said the Department allowed him to design his own  graphic design on  the background of the plate.

He chose eight horses running on nine jewels of stream which means fortune,  luck, and wealth.

Thanapat, who is studying the Faculty of Law, used the 25 million baht licence plate on his Nissan Almera E-CVT, which is about 480,000 baht worth.

The cost for the plate can buy altogether 50 Nissan Almera cars.

Mr Thanapat said in fact he prepared 50 million baht for the number as ‘ ก ‘ is the first Thai alphabet.

So in this plate it is tantamount to have seven ‘1’ on the plate which does give  a very meaningful meaning of all the lucks, he said.

He said he chose to use the number plate for Nissan Almera to show that costly and expensive numbers did not only mean for luxury cars but for economic car as well.

Besides he said he saw the design of Nissan beautiful and will use this car for daily life.