Ramathibodi hospital scores Asia’s first successful brain micro surgery with the aid of a robot

Ramathibodi hospital has successfully operated on the brain of a 77-year old patient to remove a small tumor with the aid of a robot – the first ever achievement of this kind of surgery in Asia.

Professor Dr Sorayuth Chamnanvech of neuro-surgery of surgery department said Monday that the 40-million baht robot was capable of conducting micro surgery, especially brain surgery, with high precision and very low error.

He admitted that to remove a brain tumor which is less than three centimeter in diameter by a neuro surgeon is already a difficult undertaking and the acceptable error for such a surgery is 3-5 mm.

However, Dr Sorayuth noted that the high-tech robot has minimal error margin of only 1 mm and, as such, it will be safer for the patient and he/she can recover faster after the surgery than conventional surgery.

He said that the robot is ideal in micro surgery to remove very small tumor in the brain or to treat some brain abnormalities such as Parkinson disease.

The advantages in the use of robot in surgery are that it reduces the chance of complications normally associated with conventional surgery and post-surgery symptoms such as paralysis, loss of sight or speeches or other disabilities.

Dr Sorayuth disclosed that the patient who was operated on with the aid of the robot was a 77-year old man with a history of memory loss and confusion. A two-centimeter tumor was found in his brain and he was operated on once.

He said that a second surgery had a high margin of error and so robot was recommended in helping the second surgery which was successfully conducted.

The patient could speak within 24 hours after the operation and he could be discharged from the hospital, but he was kept at the hospital for chemotherapy.